Fire is Sacred Part II: Healing Historical Trauma


There has been an increased interest in working with Native tribes in various capacities that honor their traditional practices. This workshop is meant for anyone who wants to work with Natives in a respectful way, learn about Native Americans, or learn about the impact and their resistance to colonization.

Before we can go straight into practices (such as cultural burns) we need to first:

  • Educate ourselves on the history of colonization
  • Understand how colonization has impacted indigenous people 
  • Acknowledge our collective past
  • Focus on the present healing often leads participants to become aware of how historical trauma has impacted them
  • How to identify and begin healing historical trauma

We offer suggestions on how to be a good ally, how to uncover your own ancestral history, and more. Our workshops include storytelling, self-reflection, role play, break-out one-on-one sessions, and small group discussions. We will learn positive actions individuals can take to learn how to be a good ally and minimize harm to Natives you wish to work with.

This is a workshop series meant to be experienced in order, as each one builds towards the next. We encourage attendance for the whole series or catching up when a session is posted online.

Time 1:

April 26, 2022 5-7 pm PDT

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Facebook Event Page:

Time 2:

April 30, 2022 1-3 pm PDT

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